NOBILE 1942 made in Italy, hard-to-find niche fragrances, profumeria selettiva, artigianato pregiato Odin


ODIN New York is best described as New York’s discerning curators of style.

ODIN, the chief God in Norse mythology, better known as the Lord of wisdom and victory, travels

the world seeking knowledge. Two ravens as his eyes and ears explore the world, broadening his

reach to exotic destinations and inspiring him to unendingly recreate himself.

...And from ODIN’S search comes four unisex fragrances of amber liquid inspired by fascinating

foreign places: 01 Sunda, 02 Owari, 03 Century and 04 Petrana. While each has its own character,

they collectively express the brand’s vision and take us on a journey abroad, steeped with all its



Inspired by exotic destinations, ODIN New York takes you on a fragrance journey with four modern interpretations of time-honored

fragrance traditions. Identical amber colored liquids, architectural lines and contrasting finishes are designed to provide a clean

slate for each unique creation.

THE NEW WHITE LINE was launched last November in Paris.