Nobile 1942 home

NOBILE 1942 made in Italy, hard-to-find niche fragrances, profumeria selettiva, artigianato pregiato Collections

Nobile 1942 home

As we can transmit sensations through our skin, in the same way our home will announce our emotions and will make unforgettable the best convivial moment with our friends!

Let’s the perfume impregnates our home with subtleness, avoiding invasive scents…


Nobile 1942 Home

Glass Bottle 250ml

Plastic bottle for refill 500ml

Nobile 1942 Home MAXI

Glass Bottle 1L

Nobile 1942 Home Mi.Ma. Cafè

Plastic Bottle 300ml /500ml

Nobile 1942 Home - Rosso ceralacca

Glass Bottle 200ml