Acqua Nobile

NOBILE 1942 Acqua Nobile perfume italian fragrance essence natural smell water tonka bean orange sandalwood cardamom patchouly bergamot

Acqua Nobile
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Acqua Nobile

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Acqua Nobile

Acqua: evokes energy and strength, élan vital. Nobile: a family which, during its history, has set perfume at the centre of its life and work, with determination, perseverance and commitment

This fragrance is called “acqua”, which in Italian means “water”, not in the sense of eau de toilette, although “water” as vital element. An energetic companion of our job.

In its harmonious and bubbling agreement, but without excesses, pure but with character, proposes itself as a fragrance which can give those who wear it a feeling of completeness and strength, refined but determined.  Acqua Nobile, therefore, as a harmonious blend between water – the constantly evolving and moving life element – and the memory of a family passion cultivated with love and devotion.

The Italian starting citrusy-spicy notes of bergamott, Sicilian tangerine, néroli and cardamom make room to flowery notes such as geranium, orange blossoms and myhrr. In the powerful end, laudanum comes before tonka bean, acquiring character from patchouly, leather, and sandalwood.



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