Strega, libera e incantatrice

NOBILE 1942 made in Italy, hard-to-find niche fragrances, profumeria selettiva, artigianato pregiato Strega, libera e incantatrice

Strega, libera e incantatrice

Friday 11 of September at 4:30 P.M.   in  Stazione Leopolda of  Firenze, during Fragranze, the international Meeting of the Artistic Perfumery brands  organized by  Pitti Immagine, at  stand b/12  Nobile 1942 there have been the  presentation of the new fragrance  Malìa, inspired to a Modern Witch.


Nobile 1942 envisaged the fragrance of an innocent, modern witch, a woman who seduces with a bright smile, while with a swift glance has you imagining a complex personality, deep, expert and provocative. A woman who pretends to be a child, but who draws strength from the earth to stun her prey. The Italian perfumer Antonio Alessandria choose an unusual flower, with a dual nature: refreshing yet sweet, delicate but inebriating, he dressed it in spices and aromatic plants and given it body with a structure that tells of a feisty female. But he also wanted it to recall that sometimes another person may simply capture us with a look that leaves in our memory the fragrance of a stupefying substance…”


Nobile and PFG Style, the blog owned by the famous writer Patrizia Finucci Gallo, awarded  the winner of the Competition named: Strega, libera e incantatrice  organized by them in order  to award  a “ visual” about the  concept of the new fragrance  Malìa, The winner is an emergent  graphic designer, illustrator and animator Laura Paniccià, with a  master  in  Communication and Design for Editors at ISIA (Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche) in Urbino.  She is part of the collective Goodidea, a project that combines and enhances different qualities of four  talent artists..

Patrizia Finucci Gallo also presented her Pamphlet initialled  “Want to become the perfect witch? Here ‘s your ten-point guide “: Literary suggestions, film quotations, fashion and beauty references,  instruction for love potions, everything in this  booklet of the Perfect Witch : modern, contemporary, charmer and seductive, sometimes  misleading and  contrary, but ever out of the box.


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